A Service to Create Terms of Service

One thing that is usually forgotten when starting up an online business is the Terms of Service. TechCrunch has a profile on a Sarasota Florida company that offers a simple and cost effective Terms of Service package for start-up web sites. Prices start at $149 for a Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy. Other plans include credit card support.

Snapterms proudly announces that their custom made terms of service and privacy policies are “written by an actual attorney and made to order to fit your site”. Their verbiage can be customized for your site.

This is another example of the digital disintermediation  of the guilds. In this case it’s the legal profession. If it can be digitised then it will be and the work will flow to the lowest cost provider. Expect to see this trend accelerating as computers and networks become as ubiquitous as electricity.

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