The Huffington Post has a strange policy on posting comments that they erratically and unevenly enforce. You supposedly can’t insult or attack another user (mostly a good thing) or a public figure (mostly a bad thing). But many comments are taken down despite the fact that the comment is devoid of any foul language or attacks on anyone. If you do get a comment taken down you will see the following message when trying to retrieve it:

“This comment has been removed. Most comments are removed because of an attack or insult on another user or public figure. Please see the guidelines here if you’re not sure why this comment was removed.”

Here are some examples where I was very critical of a public figure but I did not use any foul language to attack him nor did I lie about them. I know it has nothing to do with my comment being off topic as I and others have veered off topic and not been banned. So why did the HuffPost take the comments down? You tell me. Here’s they are:


HuffPost Article 6: Pope Pius XI’s Last Crusade

 My BANNED Comment:

“This is very interesting because in 1978 another liberal Pope was killed after only 1 month as Pope and replaced with a conservative one. His successor, John Paul II, would go on to help bring down communism in Europe & South America while supporting (or ignoring) right-wing dictatorships; He would also preside over the church during it’s MASSIVE money-laundering and pedophile scandals.

Sounds like a similar dynamic to what was happening during to Pope Pius XI’ rule. Pope Pius XI’s murder led to the single most dark period in the Catholic Church’s history: it’s failure to stop Hitler’s murder of millions of innocent men, women and children.”


HuffPost Article 5: Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Of Buenos Aires, Elected Leader Of Catholic Church

 My BANNED Comment:

“A 76 year old Pope, ok, if that’s what you want for the FUTURE. Argentina? Another ultra-conservative from a historically nazi-friendly place. Great step in the RIGHT direction!”


HuffPost Article 4: Democrats Protest Committee Vote With Rare Walkout, Decry Lack Of Bipartisanship

My BANNED Comment:

“GOP = Grand Old Party

What a LAUGH RIOT! Grand Ole Party my azz. They are mostly old, low-information FRIGHTENED people whose numbers are dwindling thanks to the tag-team of Mother-Nature and Father-Time.

Let the herd dwindle, I say. A better America awaits.”


HuffPost Article 3: This Is How Wars Start

My BANNED Comment:

“To sum up Howard’s point: We will have an actual civil war if Obama and the Democrats don’t cave to the demands of a Republican/Tea Party that received LESS votes then they did. He doesn’t want them to stand their ground or fight back; he wants them to SURRENDER to avoid an actual fight.

We learned in the 1930′s and 1940′s that people who love brown shirts and corporate run governments will DESTROY those that bend to their will; there is NO placating them. Back down now and you’ll have to keep backing down.

I think the president should do what he was elected to do and if that means war then war it shall be!”


HuffPost Article 2: LA Church Files Show How Cardinal Roger Mahony Shielded Pedophile Priest, Failed Child Victims

My BANNED Comment:

“The age of consent in Vatican State is 12 years old. I’ve heard William Donahue, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights say it was younger while he was defending pedophile priests. The church is so desperate to find and retain priests that they have bent over backwards protecting their sex-offenders. Instead of protecting the children and reporting the pedophile priests, they simply send the priests to another church and in most cases don’t even let the new church know that they are receiving a child-rapist in their congregation.

While Cardinal Roger Mahony and many others may be nice, they are criminals who failed to do what is moral and in accordance with our agreed upon laws. They should be prosecuted with the same force we prosecute any individuals who knowingly protect and enable child rapists.”


HuffPost Article 1: Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Suggests Obama Should Swear In On Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’

My BANNED Comment:

“This guy is a real piece of work! Catholic League president Bill Donohue is the same guy who was fairly recently arguing that pedophile priests weren’t that bad because the age of consent or adulthood should be 10 years of age. I am NOT mistaken or making this up, he made that argument on TV.”

Poorly written? Yes. Any foul language? No. Any foul language used to attack Bill Donohue? No. Any lies told? No. What I wrote is actually true as absurd as it may seem. I saw Donohue on one of the cable networks arguing that what many of the priests are accused of isn’t that bad because many of the boys liked it and that they were of the age of consent which he said should be 10 years of age. How is my telling the truth about the man that just said president Obama should be sworn into office on a book by Karl Marx instead of the bible something that needs to be banned by a HuffPost censor? Aren’t HuffPost readers capable of shooting down a nonsensical comment if that’s what it was? Apparently, they don’t have as high a regard for their readers as I do. Have any comments, devoid of foul language, that have been banned on Huffington Post? Please send the article link and your corresponding comment to

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