Gay Community Celebrates ‘Straight’ Allies

The Gay and Lesbian community in Sydney are calling all straight allies to get behind this charming little childrens book app. With the gay marriage debate raging in the Trans Pacific this book App. couldn’t hit at a better time. I was delighted to have a gay friend of mine recently describe me as a ‘Straight Ally’ a term I had never heard before but one which definitely resonated with me.

Having grown up in a family where same sex relationships were not unusual, and in fact were pretty pedestrian. I have never had an issue with gay marriage. I love my Lesbian Aunties, no one ever made a big deal about it when we were kids, they were part of the family like everyone else.

My personal opinion is to simply have a certificate that says it is a marriage between two guys or two gals or two persons. Simple. What’s so hard about that? People have relationships, with people. It’s pretty normal, and some people prefer the company of the same sex. So what?  Some rednecks fall in love with their freaking tractors!

If the new marriage certificate stipulates it is a so called gay marriage then the sanctity of the regular marriage certificate is intact. Anyway, whatever the details are, it’s only a matter of time before we all grow up and get over it.

So pony up some dough you straight allies, help these guys fight fear and ignorance in a fun way. Donate some cash to a worth while cause. If Barack Obama thinks it’s a good idea it must be good, in fact if you’re reading this Barack, can you send a little love to Geoff and His Two Dads please Mr President?


Welcome to the adventures of Geoff and his Two Dads. We intend for this interactive children’s book app, “Tomato Trouble,” to be the first in a series of animated stories about a small dog and the two men who love and care for him.

Geoff is based on a real Jack Russel Terrier who lives in New South Wales, Australia, and just happens to have two dads. One of them, Adam Davies, is the writer of these stories. Despite a small handicap, Geoff has a very full and exciting life.

Like many girls and boys, Geoff has same-sex parents who are in a loving, committed relationship. Together, Geoff and his Two Dads make a wonderful family who share many fun and exciting adventures.

Tomato Trouble

Occasionally, Geoff gets into a bit of mischief, as is the case in “Tomato Trouble.” While playing on a warm Summer’s day, Geoff and his best friend, Sam, accidentally cause more than a little trouble for their neighbors. Happily, Geoff’s dads are nearby and race to the rescue. The day ends with a lovely treat for dinner.

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