No Silver Lining in this Cloud

The Westpac Banking Group announced that it is indefinitely postponing it’s much trumpeted migration of 50,000 staff onto an IBM and Fujitsu hosted Collaboration Cloud consisting of Microsoft’s Exchange email, Lync collaboration suite, and SharePoint document sharing.

ITNews has a very informative article on the debacle. HeadlineZoo  sources confirm the article’s claims of Westpac mismanagement and infighting between the commercial and technical teams. These sources confirm that Westpac technologists took a simple task (migrate email and user documents to a greenfield site) and added so many technical complications that the project eventually collapsed under its own weight.

Westpac announced 560 IT job cuts in February and another 119 in March. Sources tell HeadlineZoo that most of the senior technologists responsible for implementing the aborted Cloud migration kept their jobs.

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