So How Is She Doing?: Chelsea Victoria Clinton Progress Report

We first heard Chelsea Clinton publicly speak in 2008 when she bravely hit the presidential campaign trail on behalf of her mom, current Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton. Armed with a wealth of policy knowledge that rivaled half of the Democratic field and all of the Republican ones, she dutifully made speeches, took questions and exposed herself to any and all potential mud throwers. Her deliberate soft-spoken style hid any fires that might be burning in her belly….until of course some knuckle-dragger tried to fling feces at one of her parents.

In one such instance when a man stood up during the question and answer portion of her appearance and tried to trash her dad, embarrass her and tar her mom’s campaign, the nation for the first time got to see an adult Chelsea dress the man down to the rapturous applause of those present. There was no doubting that her furnace had fire to burn.

Fast forward to the present. Four years removed from the campaign trail, Chelsea has been working as an NBC correspondent since November 14, 2011. Critics didn’t wait until they saw “the whites of her eyes” to let her have it right between her baby-blues. Now that she’s had a little time on the job it’s fair to ask how she’s doing. The answer is “quite well” as the video below demonstrates. She’s clearly been working with a vocal coach. Gone is the all too soft-spoken, publicity shy First Daughter that critics savaged soon after she was hired. In it’s place is a confident, take no prisoners, adult anchor woman determined to succeed. Her delivery, once uneven, is as smooth and reliable as a Ray Allen jump shot.

Five months into her job, we give Chelsea a solid A- based on her growth in the job thus far. Take a look and listen to a report she made today on MSNBC and see for yourself:

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